7th World Helps Launch Pulsic ‘Implementation Solution’ Product Suite
June 1, 2012 Mountain View, CA – Seventh World client, Pulsic, the leader in Precision Design Automation, enters a new stage in their global presence by launching the Pulsic Implementation Solution. The brand image and visual design was created, designed and hosted by the award winning creative firm, Seventh World | creative, and involved web, print, and tradeshow exhibit media applications.
Together Pulsic and Seventh World worked to ensure that the timing of this integral online debut strategically coincided with major industry events. The launch of the new website home page messaging was timed to premier prior to DAC. Paul Draper, CEO and founder of Seventh World, explains, The timing was ideal because it allowed Pulsic to introduce their registration for their DAC demos at the same time. The new look and feel attracted more users which led to a huge influx of interest and registrations for their demos at DAC.
Seventh World designed the interactive database-driven DAC demo signup area as well. Allowing for real-time updates of the available slots at the conference, including emergency intervention additions and deletions, the Demo management system performed and delivered everything Pulsic requested, and more! Overall the Pulsic website (first launched by Seventh World in 2010-2011, includes a sleek, professional, and attractive look and feel. The site was also designed with ease and functionality as top priorities. Additionally, Seventh World wanted to ensure that Pulsic would have the flexibility to update their content as needed. An internal content management system was created to allow Pulsic the control they would need to quickly and easily make changes to their website in-house as needed.
The final element to Pulsic’s online global presence is the hosting services that Seventh World is providing to ensure the continued stability of Pulsic’s web presence. “The new Pulsic site is not only attractive, intuitive, and easy to use, it is also stable. Online instability deters repeat traffic so the stability of the hosting is an element to take very seriously. We provide the stability that allows our clients to remain worry free in this regard,” says Paul Draper.
About Pulsic
Pulsic is the automation leader in Precision Design Automation and AMS design through production-proven floorplanning, placement, routing, and implementation software solutions for precise design challenges at advanced nodes. Complementary to existing flows, standards, and databases, Pulsic technology delivers handcrafted quality, faster than manual design or general-purpose software solutions. Pulsic has delivered successful tapeouts for IDMs and fabless customers in the memory, FPGA, custom digital, LCD, imaging, and AMS markets worldwide.
Learn More about Pulsic at http://pulsic.com
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Paul Draper
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